To place your order with us simply follow the instructions below.


Where are we located?
in Jersey City, NJ, USA.
What are your wristbands made of?
100% Silicone that do not latex. If you need a test report of any of our products, feel free to email us at We will be glad to do so.
What are your wristbands used for?

Wristbands play an important role in the running and organization of various events and group activities. The uses can be listed as Advertising, Business Promotions, Corporate Marketing, Fund-raising, all kinds of Parties, Health awareness, for all Festivals, Reminders, Organizations, etc.

What kind of wristbands do you carry?

Additional Options
Debossed In this type of silicone wristband, any image such as a logo, a title, or other design is heat-pressed or engraved into the surface of the band, creating depressions.
Embossed In this type of silicone wristband, a design, pattern, logo or text is uplifted from the surface of the wristband. These bands are completely converse to Debossed wristbands. In these bands, the imprint and the band are of the same color.
Color Filled These are the Debossed wristbands filled with any color of your choice inside the depression created. The second ink filled in the engraved surface of the wristband helps to shine the text or logo and in turn enhances the aesthetic look of the wristband.
Screen Printed In this type of wristband, any image such as text/logo/emblem is screen printed on the outer surface of the wristbands irrespective of the color or font of the image.
Custom Shaped These wristbands look like a wristwatch because of their design. Any logo or image profile can be cut and the engraved surface can be painted in any color of your choice.
Sectioned In this unique type of wristbands, you can select more than 2 colors (Free up to 3colors and you can select up to 7colors) of your choice for a single wristband which will be sectioned.
Swirl They are similar to the segmented wristbands but the colors are twisted circularly along the wristband. You have a choice of selecting up to 3 colors.
Glow Band These wristbands can also be called as radium bands and are suitable for any type of application.
Plain The name itself says that it contains nothing on the band. They can be of any color but no debossing or embossing or custom shape

What sizes are the wristbands available in

The following sizes are available at

Adult Large 8.3” 210mm Big Adults
Adult 8.0" 202mm 19 Years and Above
Youth Large 7.5" 190mm 14 - 18 Years
Youth 7" 180mm 6 - 13 Years
Kids 6" 160mm 6 Years and Younger

Please Note:

  • The unit mentioned is the circumference of Wristbands.
  • The width of wristbands is ¼” (5mm) or ½” (12mm) or 3/4” (19mm) and 1” (25mm) depending on the style of wristband that you choose.

What is your minimum order quantity for wristbands?

There is a 100 quantity minimum to place order for any of the wristbands.

What is a FRONT message and a BACK message?

If we consider a wrist watch as an example of a band, the location of the dial is considered as Front message and the location of buckle is considered as Back message. Both will appear on outside of the wristband.

What is an INTERNAL message?

The message which is imprinted inside the wristband that touches your skin is considered as an internal message. It will come only in Embossed style.


Are there any discounts for huge orders or non-profit organizations?

We guarantee you that all prices we provide are the lowest in the entire market.

Are there any discounts if I reorder since you have my molds?

Unfortunately there will be no discounts as the molds will be modified for the next use.

Note: itself is meant for promoting huge discounts than any other company in the market. We guarantee that this is a 365 day promotional site. Please call our sales department for further promotions.


To place your order with us simply follow the instructions below.

Stage 1: Get a free Quote

There are 3 ways through which you can get a free Quote of your product

  • By simply browsing our Prices page.
  • By calling our sales representative at 1-855-855-2882. We would love to hear from you and will give you a very quick and professional assistance clearing all your queries.
Stage 2: Place your order

Now that you are satisfied with the product and respective prices, you may submit your Purchase Order via Fax to 800-910-1738 or e-mail to Artworks and instructions must be e-mailed along with the Purchase order. Your order will be processed and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you instantly.

Stage 3: Digital Proof Approval

Once your order is placed, you will receive an e-mailed image “Digital Proof” for your Approval. Any modifications can be made to your digital proof at this stage. We request an approval through e-mail on that proof immediately in order to proceed further with your order.

Stage 4: Payment

After receiving your approval, a representative will call and assist you in processing the payment of your order. Or the payment can also be processed after we receive the payment details through Credit Card Authorization form which will be sent to you upon request.

NOTE: We need to receive your payment in full in order to send it for production. We do accept all kinds of Credit cards like VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Stage 5: Production and Shipping

Your order will be sent for production as soon as your payment is approved. Our standard turnaround time is 14 business days unless otherwise stated in the PO.

Can I make changes to the order placed earlier?

You can make changes to the order already confirmed only if the order’s production hasn’t started. Once the production has started, unfortunately we are not able to do any changes. You can call our sales department at 1-855-855-2882 and they will try to make changes as you desire before the production is started.


Is your price low for custom silicone wristbands?

Yes. We give you 100% guarantee that all our prices are the lowest and we have the fastest turnaround in the entire market.

Do you have any additional hidden fees apart from the regular fees?

No. Everything is open to our customers. If you have multiple sizes in your order, only the mold charge will be added additionally as we need to make a special mold for each size.

Are there any Taxes?



What is Production time?

The time taken to produce the product in the factory is called the Production Time. Our production time varies from 2 business days to 7 business days.

What is Shipping time?

The time taken to ship the product from the factory to your location is called shipping time. Our shipping time varies from 2 business days to 7 business days.

Do you ship wristbands to CANADA or any other places in the world?

Yes, we ship wristbands worldwide.

By what means do you Ship?

We ship through FedEX, UPS and DHL. We do not ship to P.O boxes. We need a physical address of our customers. All possible shipping delivery options are provided in your order which depends on the type of shipping you desire.

How can I Track my order?

As soon as the order is shipped from the factory, you will get an email of the tracking number of your order. Or you can call us directly at 1-855-855-2882 to know the order status.

What is a Turnaround time?

The total time taken between your order confirmation and delivery of the product to your address is called the Turnaround time. Our standard turnaround time is 14 business days which includes 7 business days of production and 7 business days of shipping. However you also have the option to rush the products as fast as 2 business days.


How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order any time before it is send to production. Once the order is sent to production, unfortunately we cannot cancel any order. But, a minimum charge will be applied to the cancelled order during the pre-production stage.

In what cases do I get a refund?

If you receive any wrong order due to any mistake from our end, we can redo your order with the modified changes only when the defective products are returned to us. We are not responsible for any mistakes from your side.

Can I do any special modifications to my order?

If you want any special mentions like order with different colors or sizes, order with 2 different designs in the same wristband, order with different sizes but same message; just email us your request to and we will assist you in doing so.


What is an Artwork?

Any text or image or Logo or emblem or icon or symbol is considered as Artwork which can be added to your personalized message on the wristband. You can put this anywhere on the band.

Is my own logo or emblem allowed on my customized wristband?

Yes, you can use your own logo or emblem on your wristbands or you can choose from our standard clip arts that we offer in our website.

Where can I upload my Artwork?

You need to send all your Artworks and any instructions through e-mail along with the Purchase Order.

Can the wristband colors be customized apart from the standard colors?

It may not be the same as it depends on the computer monitor and the graphic card used by you. However, we use the standard Pantone ® color number for mixing of colors. You could refer to them anytime.

s the font on the wrist band flexible apart from default?

Yes, you can use any kind of font listed in our website. If you have a special font, you can e-mail the picture.

What is the maximum number of characters that fit on the wristband?

You can fit a maximum of 44 characters on the wristband. Anyways the system will prompt you if you have exceeded the limit. But the size may vary.

What is a digital proof?

A digital proof is a color prepress proofing method used to give a good approximation of what your final wristband looks like. It is in an image format sent to your e-mail after you submit your order. We can make as many changes as you like for your digital proof until you are satisfied before confirming your order.

Can I have a look at my proof or sample before placing the order?

You need to e-mail your artwork to We will make a proof for you on special request.

If I want to change the Digital proof before confirming order, will I be charged extra?

No, you can make as many changes as you like before confirming the order.

How do I confirm the digital proof once received?

You need to reply to the e-mailed digital proof sent to you, with a confirmation.

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